Azure Reflections

Azure Reflections is a vibrant, side-scrolling bullet hell fangame based on one of the hottest shooting game series to come out of Japan, the Touhou Project.

Choose from three playable characters, a priestess, an ice fairy or a magician, each with powerful abilities and spell cards including an icicle machine gun and a shower of deadly sparks. Performance against bullet hell bosses branches the narrative path, with higher scores on harder difficulties unlocking the best endings in this bullet hell shooter with a horizontal twist.

Buy stat-boosting yet fashionable accessories such as an angel halo, devil headband, jeweled crowns and animal masks to customize the maidens for different play styles to defeat bosses swiftly and climb the leaderboards. Looks can be deceiving, for the cute items become quite deadly when they extend the duration of death bombs or give the ladies more maneuverability and auto-fire.