Bug Academy

Bug Academy is a 2.5D arcade game involving the training of flies, fireflies, mosquitoes and bees. As the game’s creators indicate, it covers various situations of insect life – such as guarding animals in pastures, working in mines, putting out fires, catching ghosts, painting pictures or firing rockets. The title stands out with its joyfully chaotic gameplay and a charming audiovisual setting.

There are 33 levels/lessons for the players to complete, and each of them with a unique task to perform. Various goals boil down to delivering refrigerators, launching rockets into space or catching ghosts.

Main features of Bug Academy:

  • training insects;

  • flies, fireflies, mosquitoes and bees;

  • intensive and full of humor gameplay;

  • cheerful chaos;

  • 33 different levels/lessons;

  • interactive world;

  • charming graphics;

  • buggy soundtrack.