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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends (Video)

Chronicle is a Collectable Card Game (CCG) from the makers of RuneScape. Innovative CCG design challenges you to become the creator of epic quests set within the rich lore of the RuneScape universe. Chronicle features a set of classic characters — Legends — who are sent on unique quests designed using cards. The magical book that powers Chronicle can create anything from the world of RuneScape and the lands of Gielinor. Growing from the pages are epic visions of famous landmarks, landscapes and vistas. The lands of Misthalin, Kharidian Desert & Morytania, amongst others, await you and your cards.

Cards currently come in two forms: Fight and Adventure. Fight cards are your monsters and bosses, they provide your Legend with gold. Adventure cards are what you spend your gold on, they provide boosts, buffs and effects to your legend and other aspects of the game. Each quest is a duel between you and another Chronicle player. Using your own custom deck you will have to use weapons, spells and mobs to defeat them and take home the victory. As you succeed in more quests you will gain XP for each legend, unlocking more cards, legends and challenges to overcome.

•Pick up and play combo gameplay
•Hundreds of unique cards
•Expansive deck building
•Challenging offline Gauntlet mode
•Immersive visuals
•Deep crafting tools