Gal*Gun: Double Peace (Video)

Gal*Gun: Double Peace
When Hodai — the portrait of an uninteresting normal student — is shot by a cupid angel named Ekoro, he becomes immensely popular, and in the blink of an eye, every girl at the academy becomes insanely hot for him! But being irresistible to the ladies is hardly a dream come true. Every love letter, shout of adulation or advancing kisses will drain his energy. He has to stay strong – because if Hodai doesn’t find his one true love by the end of the day, he will become cursed and destined to be forever alone.
In the hyper-moé “shooter” game Gal*Gun: Double Peace, fend off the other girls by using Hodai’s ‘pheromone shot’, a power granted to him by Ekoro that sends the advancing hordes of girls into fits of ecstasy! Only by keeping them at bay can he find his true love and confess to her.

Anime-styled rail-shooter action. Use your targeting cursor to fend off the advancing girls!

Story Mode: Play through the story and see if you can successfully confess your feelings to the girl of your dreams.

Score Attack: Play specific levels to achieve the highest scores.

Collection: Take a look at your achievements, image gallery and information on all the lovely ladies at the Academy!

Choose your own love interest. Your choices will change the story and the path you take throughout the game.

Doki-Doki Mode: This is for when it’s time to break out the big guns! Turn the girls’ happiness up to 11 with this heart-throbbing technique as you aim for the coveted ‘Double Peace’ result! Their outpouring of love even has a ‘bomb’ effect which clears the screen of oncoming girls!

Closet: Change what the girls are wearing in-game. Different outfits and costumes can be applied to various characters as you see fit.

New costume DLC can be also be purchased.

There are 450 underwear designs to discover!