History: Legends of War Patton


In this turn-based military strategy game you will have the opportunity to participate in General George S. Patton’s European campaign with his Third US Army starting in August 1944, and moving from the west of France to the heart of Germany, with the aim of ending Nazism.

Single Player Missions

The main mode is Campaign, in which you will play the role of General Patton, controlling the Third US Army through 4 operations. There are a total of 21 missions of different types to complete from western France to Germany. You will also be able to play individual missions once they have been unlocked in Campaign mode. When you begin the campaign, you will be able to follow a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game for managing your armies and completing missions.
Patton’s Evolution

Patton will evolve as he successfully advances in the campaign. There are two different elements to manage strategically: Patton’s prestige and skill points, both of which affect his Third Army.

Prestige points are, in effect, the currency for exchange in the game. They can be used to recruit new units, heal wounded soldiers, repair damaged vehicles, or to upgrade units. Patton’s skill points affect certain characteristics of the Third Army’s units. Therefore, the player can improve desired aspects of their units in a number of different ways. As missions are successfully completed, Patton’s prestige and skill points will increase in accordance with the type of victory achieved: minor, normal, major or heroic.
Unit Evolution

The most important element of a unit’s evolution is its experience. The most veteran units will be the most valuable during missions. Experience will improve the offensive power and the precision of their weapons. Units gain experience by eliminating enemies, performing actions, completing objectives, and even receiving damage and surviving. The improvement in their characteristics will be proportional to their experience. For every 100 experience points gained the unit will receive a rank star, to a maximum of 5. Four rank stars are represented by a silver star and five stars by a gold star. Upon completing a mission, the unit that gains the most experience, within a minimum, will receive a medal. Units that receive three medals will become heroes, meaning that all of their characteristics will improve considerably. Heroes with five rank stars are the most valuable units in the army. The experience of units is very valuable, so it is important to prevent such units from being destroyed by the enemy. When a unit becomes obsolete, like a light tank, for example, it can be upgraded to a more powerful model.
Multiplayer Missions

You can play a battle with another player, between American and German forces, taking turns using a single console. In multiplayer mode you will compete with another player (or against yourself) in a battle, taking turns using one console. Each player will choose a faction, American or German, along with the units to be used in the battle. During their turn each player will make the move(s) they wish and will then pass the console to the other player. The aim is to destroy all the opponent’s units.

Key Game Features

Mission Types
Attack Mission – Eliminate the enemy units.
Defense Mission – Resist the enemy’s advances during a number of turns and sometimes to protect certain units.
Infiltration Mission – Various objectives to be completed using only infantry units and avoiding alerting the enemy.
Sabotage Mission – Various objectives to be completed using only infantry units, but with the enemy on alert.

Types of Unit
Paratrooper-These elite units, trained in special tactics, are fast, powerful and very versatile. They are also very skilled at handling grenades.
Commando-These are the fastest and most powerful infantry units. They are especially skilled in infiltration, using their dagger to silently eliminate the enemy.
Sniper-Their special training gives them the ability to shoot over long distances without being discovered. One bullet, one enemy eliminated. These units are perfect for eliminating selected targets.
Medic- This unit will be necessary to heal your wounded soldiers. They should not be exposed to enemy fire.
Engineer-These units are specialized in repairing all types of vehicles during missions. They can be a great help, but must be protected from the enemy.
Reconnaissance-These are the units with the largest vision range. They are perfect for scouting an area in preparation for the arrival of the remaining troops.
Aerial Transporter -These aircraft can fly over the conflict zone and drop supplies, such as medic kits and ammo boxes.
Anti-tank Cannon – The Germans use anti-tank cannons against American armored vehicles with protection and great efficiency. Their Achilles’ heel is grenades thrown by the infantry.
And many more!