Kine is a challenging 3D puzzle game about music, machines, and dreams.

In the streets of a theatrical and vibrant city, a band of personified instruments embark on a journey to become musicians. This hand-drawn dreamscape is filled with an original jazz soundtrack, a touching narrative, and difficult 3D puzzles. More than 100 complex challenges await Roo the Accordion, Quat the Drum, and Euler the Trombone.

With their own passions, abilities, and characteristics, this ragtag group of instruments will face a variety of hardships as they progress through this complex and colorful city and toward their big break. Complete side quests to build their relationships or head to the main stage where Roo, Quat, and Euler must use their unique abilities together to solve the most challenging puzzles and prove themselves as a band.

Kine Key Features:

  • More than 100 increasingly difficult 3D puzzles

  • Diverse and whimsical cast of playable instruments, each with their own personalities and abilities

  • Rich narrative about following your dreams

  • Hand-drawn visuals accompanied by an original jazzy soundtrack