Orion13 is a futuristic VR sword-fighting adventure that features intense hack-and-slash combat, complex full-body challenges, and a cinematic story arc complete with a cast of friends and deadly foes.

The story-driven, action/adventure game will fully immerse players in a robot-ruled, dystopian society saturated in intense colors. Players take on the role of Orion13, a newly self-aware robot warrior who believes her memory implants are her own. She has just one mission: to escape her enslavers and find her way home.

Orion13’s virtual landscape is interactive and visually unique, characterized by VRFocus as “a neon-drenched sci-fi experience.” Hardcore gamers will delight in the intense combat mechanics and what VR Fitness Insider described as “brutally fast VR sword-fighting that will put your skills to the test.” As Orion13, players battle an onslaught of robots and bosses; decode panels and puzzles; navigate VR platforming with exciting jumps and drops; maximize their full-body character in deadly minefields, laser mazes and catwalks; and get help from friends along the way as they fight through a giant multi-level robot metropolis.

Key game features include:

  • Open-world joystick locomotion with no restrictions
  • Fast, hack-and-slash sword fighting with velocity-based damage
  • Full-body VR challenges and complex puzzles
  • Inventory of unique powerups and interactive objects
  • A survival arena mode with global leaderboard
  • An original electronic soundtrack

Orion13 supports Oculus Rift VR headsets.