Nom Nom Apocalypse

Nom Nom Apocalypse is a top-down roguelite shooter set in a post-apocalyptic city plagued by mutant food monstrosities.
The food—it’s alive!! A sudden diner explosion unleashes a teeming horde of living, breathing, human-gobbling grub. Colossal candies, devious donuts, ravenous roasts, and more are turning up the heat on a city seemingly lost without hope for salvation.
Sharpen the cutlery, bust out the condiments, and prepare for the Great Blockbuster Bake-off as one of the only cooks brave enough for this kitchen. Each playable food fighter, from the knife-throwing Sushi Master to the super-speedy Waitress, brings a different culinary power to the front. With local co-op and online parties via Steam Remote Play, buddy-up with a friend to face these kitchen nightmares.
Unload rapid-fire shots with the Ketchup Squirter, get up-close-and-personal with the shotgunning Mustard Blaster, or unleash the Microwave Laser Beam. Over 40 perks, selectable at the start of each level, make for scrummy strategies. Dial-up movement speed, whisk away traps and craft a winning recipe for survival. Procedural surprises pour forth, filling each level with unexpected obstacles and enemy formations.
Thrilling twin-stick controls give chefs a fighting chance, but behemoth bosses inspired by monster movies and kaiju films test every skill. Dodge the smashing strikes of Bangersmash, a sausage-legged mashed potato pile. Avoid Baconzilla’s flame breath and quadruple arm slam or risk becoming his breakfast. Josh Sacco of Deadleaf Games brings his experience from beloved Dreamworks titles to deliver hours of monster mayhem in this love letter to ‘50s creature features.