Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Limited Edition (Video)

Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Limited Edition
In the near future, advanced technological developments have allowed one’s mental state and disposition to be quantified and profiled.

About the Story:

For the public’s welfare, all emotions and thoughts are documented and managed by the Sibyl System. This system measures the quality of each person’s life by what is known as the Psycho-Pass, a reading of an individual’s mind. Broken down into two main components, the Psycho-Pass is the system’s omniscient eyes of justice. One of these components is the Hue, which is a visual representation of the Psycho-Pass that conveys a person’s stress level. The other is the Crime Coefficient, which is a numerical value that represents a person’s criminal capacity. This number determines whether an individual requires enforcement by the detectives of the Public Safety Bureau. Detectives are divided into two groups: Enforcers, who are tasked with the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of criminals, and inspectors, who are charged with managing the enforcers.

About the Game:

The player can choose between two new detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigation department’s Division 1; Nadeshiko Kugatachi, a calm and serious inspector whose memories were wiped, and Takuma Tsurugi, a hot-headed Enforcer who is searching for his missing childhood friend.

You must decide the best course of action for each given situation, but regardless of the hierarchy that separates Inspector from Enforcer, players must be mindful that every decision has its own repercussions. With an intricate decision-making system, Psycho-Pass:Mandatory Happiness offers a twisted plot and compelling cases, providing a number of different endings.

Ultimately, depending on the choices made, Hues my deteriorate beyond recovery, cases may be left unsolved, and the game may end quicker than expected.
•A dystopian sci-fi tale for the ages – Welcome to a society controlled by a computer, where the slightest change in your mental state can mean the difference between life, imprisonment, or worse. Rather than a social misfit, explore the world through the eyes of someone within the law – a detective.
•Branching Storylines – Play as either Takuma Tsurugi or Nadeshiko Kugatachi, each with their own choices and endings, as you solve the greater mystery of Sado Marine City.
•Delve Deeper into the World of PSYCHO-PASS – With a story overseen by original series author, Gen Urobuchi, find out more about the world and the characters fans grew to love in the anime.

•Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Limited Edition Includes:
•Soundtrack CD in Jewel Case – Reenter the world of PSYCHO-PASS with this selection of songs directly from the game!
•3 pencil boards (7″ x 10″) – Practice drawing your own dystopian worlds on these pencil boards decorated with special promotional artwork.
•Microfiber cloth (6″ x 6″) – Polish your game system or glasses to a mirror shine with this handy microfiber cloth!
•Deluxe Softcover Art book (7″ x 10″, 72 pages) – Pore over the game’s gorgeous artwork and check out commentary from the cast in this deluxe art book.
•Collectible box – Keep all of the above neat and organized in this sturdy, specially designed box!