Strikers Edge

Strikers Edge

When medieval fantasy meets dodgeball! Strikers Edge is a ranged combat game where you play as ancient warriors battling on the fray. Hurl your spears and daggers and master your special powers to headshot your opponent down. Fight online or in local multiplayer and become the top striker!

You can play online or locally as one of eight unique strikers across 4 different arenas. Climb the ranked online ladder, achieve greatness and be the top striker!

1vs1 and 2vs2 game modes offer endless hours of fun. Either your friends being on the other side of the world, via online mode, or right there with you on your couch. Each of the 8 strikers offers a different weapon, set of abilities, stats and play style.

Strikers Edge features:

•8 unique strikers, representing distinct warriors, each with his own weapon, abilities, stats and playstyle

•Intense ranged combat across 4 different arenas, each one with its perks and hazards

•1vs1 and 2vs2 intense multiplayer combats

•Online and local multiplayer modes

•Ranked online ladder to climb and dominate

•8bit pixel art style

•Unlockable skins and weapons