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Subsiege (Video)

Subsiege is a breathtaking mix of RTS and MOBA game set in a fresh and stunning underwater world. You control a squad of hand-picked units with unique, MOBA-like abilities. Left alone in a hostile underwater world you struggle on your rush for the last resources. Proof your skill against merciless sea monsters and 12 unpredictable competitors while your oxygen runs out with every breath! Can you stand the pressure?

•Massive 12 Player Battles: Survive in the middle of a 12 player mosh pit, master your ability composition and timing to beat your opponent’s skill and crush multiple rivals at once
•Intense struggle for oxygen: Survive unstoppable oxygen depletion and hunt down your foes to steal their precious oxygen
•Co-op mode: Join the rush for resources with your friends. With shared oxygen reservoirs, resources and bases, team work is crucial.
•Deadly environment: Counter surprise attacks of insidious sea creatures and trap your enemies above merciless deep sea worms. Watching your foes being badly ripped apart never felt better!
•Meta game tech tree: Research a lot of new units, abilities and upgrades and build up your private army of underwater vessels.
•Customizable abilities: Upgrade not only the stats of an ability, but also change the effect of the ability to re-purpose it for another goal.
•Underwater paradise: Submerge into a fantastic underwater scenery and fight in between stunning illuminated corals and experience a lively underwater world with huge fish swarms, colorful corals, thick black smoker clouds and steep cliffs.