Travel Mosaics: A Paris Tour

Travel Mosaics is a classic nonorgam-picross puzzle with a special flair; The players join the Walkers – an animal family of travelers on their journey to France. As they progress through the puzzle levels, they can learn fun facts about France, answer the quiz questions and try out the bonus levels with a different set of puzzles.

Unlike other games of the genre, Travel Mosaics puzzles are color coded. Each of 140 puzzles contains a hidden colorful image that can be revealed by solving it. In addition, the players can choose a difficulty level depending on the amount of challenge they seek. Each level can be solved just by logic, but the players can also use any of the 4 types of hints to tackle more challenging levels.

Game features:
•    140 Color-coded nonograms + 20 bonus puzzles + dozens of tricky quiz questions to learn more about Paris
•    3 Levels of difficulty
•    Customize the playing field to reflect your style: choose from a variety of colorful tile designs
•    Collect souvenirs and decorate the Walkers’ living room