Weeping Doll (Video)

Weeping Doll is a story-driven horror adventure where dolls can come alive, animated by the angry thoughts that arise whenever their children feel wronged. You’ll navigate tough puzzles in eerie environments to solve the mystery of an abused girl’s doll that takes revenge on her parents — and things only get scarier from there!

A hidden secret
Weeping Doll is immersed in a deep, intriguing narrative that rewards the players’ curiosity. The more you explore, listen and discover, the more you will decipher through the layers of story. The more you think about the narrative the more you will unearth.

A familiar place
The home is painstakingly designed using the Unreal 4 Engine and crafted to envelop the player in a sense that they are already acquainted with the environment, until you scratch the surface and discover that nothing is what it seems.

An interactive investigation
You will need to be aware of every object and every sound to discover what has happened to the family. Your curiosity will drive you onward, re-evaluating everything you thought to be true as you unravel more and more of the mystery.

A new age of VR
No motion sickness, thanks to the Shadow Step system. This allows the player to move around the environment using the controller while seated comfortably.