WRC FIA World Rally Championship

The WRC FIA World Rally is the only title that features official cars, drivers, co-drivers and locations to create this epic motorsport adventure. Consisting of 13 races held all over the world for a three-day event, each location brings out the skills of the driving team to conquer every driving surface from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. Everything is designed to give the player the sensation of taking part in the real championship as they race against their heroes. ROAD TO WRC: Face the extraordinary career mode which will allow you to go through the steps of a real driver of WRC! Start by building up your own team and participating in regional championship, moving step by step to most prestigious categories and conquering a contract with the official teams of WRC. TIME ATTACK: Choose your favourite car to set the record on your favourite special! You’ll be able to upload the ghost of your best performance and download those of the world record holders! ONLINE RANKING: Compete in the online section facing the other players worldwide: you’ll be able to organize or participate to completely customizable Single Stages, Single Rallies or Championships! Earn experience with your performances and raise your online ranking to become the Number One! INCREDIBLE WEATHER CONDITIONS: From the snowy tracks in Sweden to the dusty desert in Jordan, through the technical asphalt trails in Spain!


Realistic physics model.

13 locations around the world.

Advanced car tuning that allows players to find the best settings for every stage.

Breathtaking graphics for drivers, co-drivers, cars, trucks and environments.

Visually stunning car damage effects.