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X-TEAM is a classic mix of role-playing game and strategy, inspired by the legendary XCOM, Fallout, Rage of Mages and Dungeon Siege. X-TEAM was first released in 2008 on DVD, and now the re-release of the game is now available.

More About X-TEAM:

In 2010, the Earth was attacked by hordes of aggressive aliens – Sarts. The resistance of disparate armies was broken in a matter of hours. Survivors formed the Earth Alliance to jointly combat the Invasion. But, in the new organization, there is still no unity. Some of the leaders of the Alliance are ready to sacrifice the destiny of all mankind for personal ambitions. And the motives of the aliens are also not as simple as it seems at first glance…

You are an operative of the squad X-Team, the main strike force of the Earth Alliance. Gather your team and defeat the aliens. Conduct your own investigation and find out the true goals of both the Sarts and the Earth Alliance.

X-Team is:

  • Ultimate mix of role-playing game and strategy. Form a squad of heroes, each of which has his own biography, abilities, and skills. Upgrade the characters’ skills, find new weapons and equipment for them to fight more efficiently. Build your base, train infantry, and produce military vehicles for large-scale battles with the enemy!
  • Balanced role-playing system: three classes of characters, nine specializations, dozens of abilities. Characteristics of the characters directly affect the style of the game. Assault enemy positions with a machine gun at the ready or act stealthily using camouflage and sniper weapons. Become an engineer, a physician or a mysterious paranorm – each of the classes has its own advantages and weaknesses.
  • Completely non-linear narrative. A difficult moral choice awaits you: become the savior of mankind or its enslaver. Complete quests convenient for you. Help survivors or cynically use them for your own purposes.
  • A large and eventful world. You have to fight with alien invaders in different countries and continents, in Africa, Europe, Russia, and the United States. In each mission, you are expected to meet with impressive characters, many of whom are willing to share valuable information or give out quests.

…And also a large arsenal of weapons and equipment, dozens of characters to talk to, unexpected plot twists, insidious enemies and many other features.