Cat Lady – The Card Game

Cat Lady – The Card Game is based on the physical  game by AEG and Josh Wood, Cat Lady is a well-loved card-drafting game about being the very best Cat Lady you can be.

In Cat Lady – The Card Game, players compete against each other to prove who is the best cat lady! By picking up three cards at a time, players take turns to collect cats, food, toys and costumes to score points, making tactical decisions as they play. Cat Lady – The Card Game features three different levels of AI to compete against, a global leaderboard, local multiplayer for up to 4 players, and achievements to collect.

The Windows PC edition has some quirks which set it apart from the mobile adaptation. The layout of the screen is wider, with a new user interface allowing you to see your cards at all times. Players will also be able to play online with the Windows PC version of Cat Lady – The Card Game thanks to Steam’s Remote Play functionality.

But the most important new feature in the Windows PC version is that the cursor resembles a mouse.

Cat Lady features:

  • More than a dozen cats to collect
  • 28 exciting achievements to unlock
  • Over 100 cards to draft
  • Quick, easy to learn gameplay
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 cat ladies