Megamagic (Video)

About Megamagic

The unmistakable flavour of the 80s turned into a game. An action RPG and real time strategy videogame set to shake the Earth this 2016. Prepare to delve into a fascinating world where the forces of technology and magic are embroiled in a vicious struggle! Blurring the lines between the RPG and strategy genres, Megamagic recaptures the look & feel of the 80s games and films in a game filled with pop culture references and magnified by the incredible music by Mitch Murder, composer of Kung Fury and Hotline Miami 2 soundtracks.

•Action RPG meets Real Time Strategy in a totally new way.
•Explore an open world and venture into the depths of perilous dungeons.
•Master 5 different magical alignments: Neonmancy, Vegemancy, Sanctumancy, Fulgomancy and Necromancy.
•Research and craft 20 spells + 16 grims, each with their own passive and active unique skills.
•Beat 9 hair-raising bosses.
•Local multiplayer co-op mode: have up to 4 player companions controlling your grims in battle!
•Original soundtrack by 80’s synth-surfer Mitch Murder.