Rez Infinite (Video)

Rez Infinite
The musical shooter masterpiece Rez returns in Rez Infinite, a remastered version of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s classic game with graphical and audio improvements, new gameplay features, and PlayStation VR integration.

The information age comes to a deadly halt when the core of society’s technological memory an AI unit called Eden begins to feel the strain of too much data. Struggling to keep up, the technology actually begins to question its own existence and goes into a futuristic freak out. Now, you must journey deep into the realm of 3D cyberspace in order to fix the system, a task that will require hacking codes and battling fierce creatures. Your goal is to get all the way to the system’s core, but that’s a journey that only the bravest and most dedicated adventurers will be able to survive.

Legendary gaming experience: Old-school vector style graphics, sensory response, and beat synchronization sets the title apart and is perfectly recreated here in Rez Infinite

The world of Rez: Rez consists of five different levels, each with its own unique visual theme and style, musical track and a boss battle at the end.

Features several different modes and lots of unlockable elements, giving it plenty of replay value

Feel the rhythm: To further enhance the Rez experience, artists including Coldcut, Adam Freeland, Joujouka, Ken Ishii and Keiichi

Sugiyama (SEGA’s Wave Master) contributed tracks to the game

Crystal clear textures and razor sharp lines at full 1080p HD

Full 3D audio and full 7.1 surround sound support

Brand new, original content under code name “Area X”

Silky-smooth 60fps motion (PS4) and 120fps (PlayStation VR)