Snow (Video)

Snow is a skiing and snowboarding game that takes the player back to basics for realistic snow riding gameplay using refined physics and controls to capture the majesty of the mountain. Snow aims to truly capture the unique feeling of riding through powder, an experience totally unlike skateboarding or any other extreme sport. Snow is a game for skiers, by skiers.


Skiing and Snowboarding — Snow allows the player to both ski and snowboard down snowy mountain ranges.

Completely Open World — You are able to explore the rich environment any way you please. Mountains consist of dozens of different routes and discoverable items, encouraging the player to explore and define their own line.

Intuitive Controls — Using a completely new and improved control scheme that pays attention to the actual experience of skiing and snowboarding, Snow enhances the link between player and character, creating a superior gaming experience.

Realistic 3D Visuals — Using acclaimed CryENGINE 3 game technology, Snow delivers the most realistic visual experience of any winter sports game to date.

Physics — Completely physics-driven, Snow takes a grounds-up approach to recreating the feeling of skiing and snowboarding.