Merging hardcore puzzle platformer mechanics with high-end, professionally shot full-motion video (FMV), ECHOPLEX delivers an unparalleled cyber-horror experience to audiences looking for deep storytelling and minimalist visuals.

You are followed by an exact duplicate of yourself that repeats everything you do. Every move matters. Every move can be your last.

ECHOPLEX explores the mysterious connection between an engineer working at Clonochem Corporation and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum. When the engineer calls a phone number written on a severed arm, he finds himself trapped in a looping simulation with countless iterations of himself.

An eerie “echo” shadows your every move in ECHOPLEX. Everything you do is repeated by it – and if you stand still for too long, it’s game over! The secret to surviving is to use the entity’s mimicry to your advantage. For example, walking through a trigger will lock a door – but as the Echo passes through the same trigger, the door will open … allowing you to pass through.

As you learn to outsmart your Echo, you’ll be able to unlock a full-motion memory fragment with another clue – a must if you intend to escape the simulation. Once put together, these fragments congeal into “micro-cutscenes” that reveal an intriguing, non-linear narrative.


  • Solve unusual spatial puzzles anchored by an innovative Echo gameplay mechanic.
  • Experience a rich storyline through puzzle-solving and live-action video clips shot by indie film director Tyron van Vuuren.
  • Explore intriguing, minimalist environments.
  • Enjoy an abstract soundscape augmented by a “cyber-horror” score produced by Irish composer Revin Goff.
  • Play under intense time pressure as your Echo draws near…